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Embracing the Earth

Youth Overnight Camp


July 12-18 2020

Youth Camp, an overnight camp for boys and girls ages 8 through 14, is a week of outdoor adventure designed to help campers develop wilderness skills, including wild crafting (foraging), in combination with nature studies, farm experiences, meal preparation, crafts, and land stewardship through sustainable conservation practices.


The core of Youth Camp is the awakening of our senses to be in tune with the earth. We humble ourselves when learning to make fire with bow drills, gather wild edibles, milk goats, harvest from the gardens, develop orienteering skills, work on a craft, and make teas from garden herbs. We also awaken our senses to be in tune with each other and ourselves. Each day campers experience quiet time alone with the earth through afternoon siesta in hammocks by the creek side, in the gardens, or on a hillside. Additional time is set aside each day for quiet reflection through journaling. 


As campers tune into the earth, they explore diversity within a variety of habitats. They discover what lives in and around the creeks, the meadows, the woods, and the wetland. They explore the world of quiet connection through creating art in nature and leaving it behind for the earth to hold and digest. And they learn basic conservation practices, such as removing invasive species and protecting and nurturing native ones. 


Youth Camp can also be very lively. In groups we play games, swim in the creek, laugh, chat, sit around the camp fire telling jokes, singing, and making s’mores. We also prepare and eat meals together, and kayak the beautiful Cacapon River. 


            $650 + $50 registration fee

Total:  $700


 (The non-refundable registration fee of $50 is

 due upon registration.  Camp fee of $650 is

 due two weeks before camp.)