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Wind Dance Homeschool programs, for boys and girls ages 3 through high school, are designed to supplement the work students do during their studies at home. They are offered four days a week, Tuesdays through Fridays, during the school year, September through May. Participants may choose to attend one, two, or three days a week. 


Each day is designed around an age group, however, we are flexible with these groupings as we seek to accommodate family needs. Tuesday is intended for youth from 7 years through high school; Wednesday for ages 3-5; Thursday is for upper middle and high-school-age students; and Friday, ages 3 through 11. Students are to be dropped off between 9:15 and 9:30 a.m. and picked up between 3:15 and 3:30 p.m.

Programs on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday focus on environmental education and other science activities, including nature journaling. We make time for choice, a quiet afternoon siesta, and reading a work of literature, a delightful follow up to siesta. Students also gather for a round of traditional song and dance and create works of art that are displayed at the Morgan County Arts Council’s Youth Art Month each March. They participate in farm chores, such as milking goats, feeding chickens, and mucking the stalls, and they join in conservation projects, such as planting trees, pulling invasive species, and protecting habitat. 


                                 1 Child      2 Children

One Full Day:            $32            $58

Two Full Days:          $58            $104

On Tuesdays participants explore the world of writing, literature, and history. Since this day is designed to accommodate a wide range of ages (7 through high school) the students are often divided into groups to work on different activities. Groups come back together at different times for choice—a time to explore, play and hang out—and for snack, lunch, literature, and siesta. Participants are often given a writing homework assignment. Each year students explore a different theme, often based on literature. Children who attend Tuesdays also attend another day. 


Wind Dance Farm & Earth Education Center
100 Wind Dance Trail
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

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