Wild Ones!

Overnight Camp

Overnight Camp at Wind Dance           June 26-July 2, 2022*
*Enrollment for June 26th-July 2nd Wild Ones! Overnight Camp is now full.

Wild Ones, an overnight camp for ages 12 & up. Campers gather food from the wild and from the gardens for meals they prepare. They hone wilderness and orienteering skills, and participate in farm chores and conservation actions. They build fires, rest in hammocks, chat (a lot) and have quiet time for reflecting in journals. Under guided leadership campers explore environmental topics of concern and discuss actions that can be taken. 


During camp we will take field trips locally to canoe, hike, and swim ~ exploring the diverse habitats of West Virginia. We have serious discussions, unserious play, and restful, silent siesta every day. And, we eat super wholesome food prepared by campers under the guidance of our fabulous Camp Guides.


During camp new friendships develop, and games are played, creating unity within the group. We sing songs to brighten our days, and dance to lively fiddle music! Balancing activity with rest, discussion, and time for reflection, both on-site and off, is the essence of Wind Dance Camps.

Wild Ones~ Overnight Camp ~ June 26-July 2, 2022*
*Enrollment for June 26th-July 2nd Wild Ones! Overnight Camp is now full.  
Price for Full Week Including Meals and Outfitting Day Trips: $700
We provide a packing list. You are welcome to call or email with questions.

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"Wind Dance Farm offers an amazing summer camp experience. An organic farm and earth education center just outside of Berkeley Springs, WV, Wind Dance hosts small groups of kids in week long overnight camps. Not the one-size-fits-all big camp scene, Wind Dance campers sleep in tents in the yard, learn wilderness skills, help with the goats, craft, build, and Morris dance. I’m blurbing here because both of our kids spent many summers getting deliciously dirty and having a blast at Wind Dance. I give the camp the mama seal of approval "  ~ Kristin

"If we start balancing what we do with Mother Nature we will survive longer too, because we are directly connected with Mother Nature."

Jaime  Gilkeson,  Teen Camp 2014