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Embracing the Earth

Summer Camps at Wind Dance

There is no wi-fi in the forest, but I promise you will find a better connection.

Join us in Embracing the Earth this summer! Wind Dance Farm and Earth Education Center offers both day and overnight summer camps for youth ages 4 though 18.  Each of our camps are a week of outdoor adventure, combining elements of nature studies, farm experiences, environmental art and wildcrafting (foraging).  We practice and model stewardship through sustainable conservation practices.


The core of Embracing the Earth summer camps is the awakening of our senses to be in tune with the earth. Young and old campers alike, take delight in natures' endless gifts, watching caterpillars crawl, tadpoles wiggle, and birds take graceful flight. Campers are encouraged to look closely, and have guided access to field guides, binoculars, various scopes and nature journals. 


We also awaken our senses to be in tune with each other and ourselves. Each day campers experience quiet time alone with the earth through afternoon siesta in hammocks by the creek side, in the gardens, or on a hillside. 


As campers tune into the earth, they explore biodiversity within varied habitats. They discover what lives in and around the creeks, the meadows, the woods, and the wetland. They explore the world of quiet connection through creating art in nature and leaving it behind for the earth to hold and digest. 

Camps are also very lively! In groups, we play games, sing, splash in the creek, dance to fiddle music and laugh a lot.  Join us!  

"What’s important is that children have an opportunity to bond with the natural world, to learn to love it and feel comfortable in it, before being asked to heal its wounds."  ~David Sobel


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