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With Nature Inspired Activities

Story Reads

"Flute's Journey" The Story of a Wood Thrush

Follow Flute, a wood thrush native to the Appalachian woodlands, along its migratory path. This story read is in two parts and includes a lesson on making a bird feeder at home.   The story includes information about bird activity, migration routes, geography, and conservation efforts that support the species. Below are resources to support your educational explorations.


Visit Cornell's Bird Lab  to learn more about the Wood Thrush and listen to their sounds. 

Visit Project Feeder Watch for support with bird identification and download posters to share with students.

This worksheet has questions related to the story and encourages knowledge and reflection about species conservation.

An Autumn Inspired Story and Earth Art Activity  

"Wild Child" is an artistic journey through Autumn and seasonal transitions.  The story is followed by a colorful mandala making project that helps get kids outside enjoying the many colors and textures of the natural world.

Story Reads were developed to support elementary teachers and parents during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide literary resources and educational activities for their students.  This project was supported by Volunteer West Virginia, The State's Commission for National and Community Service.

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