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Educational Center



On November 7 and 8, 2015, our Education Center’s building, known as “Bently,” was raised. After years of planning and working with timber framers, we witnessed Bently’s frame being lifted and put into place with the assistance of over 70 volunteers. Terrific, talented, timber framers, Bruce Cowie and Al Thomas, completed the amazing, detailed prep work and then directed the volunteers during the raising. Gourmet cook, Genesee Bondurant, and kitchen volunteers kept us well fed during the event. It was amazing! Without Bruce and Al, the crane, the crane operator, and a host of wonderful volunteers, Bently may still be flat on the ground. Witnessing the bents rise off the ground was deeply amazing; the trees rose again, guided by wise and gentle hands, and came to rest in their new home. 


bently 2.jpg

The education center has been built utilizing the earth’s resources carefully. Many fundraisers have supported getting the building in motion, and now in 2019, after many years of construction, we have an amazing center to provide youth with farm and earth educational programs. We have been able to expand our programs to include public school field trips, and we look forward to developing family and adult programs in the future.


Where did the name Bently come from? After the raising, one of our students walked up to the building, gave it few gentle pats, and said, “Hi Bently.” That was it! The students at Wind Dance have been involved with all aspects of Bently’s growth, which has given them ownership and love for the center.   



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