Embracing the Earth

Farm Stewards Overnight Camp

“Do unto those downstream as you would have those upstream do unto you.”  ~Wendell Berry

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Farm Stewards Camp, a week-long camp for ages 10 through high school, connects campers with each other, with the land, and with the food they harvest, prepare, and eat. Wind Dance farm stewards explore world-wide concerns about the health of our planet and how sustainable gardening and farming can have positive influences. Campers learn how the earth’s systems work within the four principles of sustainability, and they apply that knowledge each day through their activities. We think globally and act locally. 


Campers maintain healthy garden beds, milk goats, save seeds, bring harvests to the kitchen, and prepare and eat food they have helped to grow. They use tools, build structures, and explore methods of food preservation. Campers also act as stewards of the land. They study the importance of responsible landownership, including such conservation measures as developing riparian zones, judicious use of resources, pulling invasive species, and preserving and planting native species.

In the gardens we run our hands over rich soil, and we smell it, a practice that nourishes our souls and minds. And if the soil isn’t rich, we make it rich using the time-honored methods of organic agriculture. Healthy soil enriches the food we grow and, in turn, nourishes and nurtures us. We begin to understand how simple, conscious gardening practices, such as not turning the soil over and protecting it with mulch, can help draw out excess carbon from our atmosphere and sequester it in the ground thus helping to reverse anthropocentric climate change. 


Impromptu and planned conversations arise as we dig and amend soil, plant seeds, protect garden beds, bring harvests to the kitchen, do chores, sit inside on hot afternoons for garden chats, and have meals together. Conversations explore diverse topics from the impact of what we choose to eat and the influence it has on future generations to the latest favorite movies. We read together; we learn together.

If one of the most treasured places to be on the farm is in the gardens, the other is in the hammocks. Every day we rest our bodies and minds swaying over creek beds or in our tents. We have serious, silent, sustained, splendid, solitary siesta, as we read, sleep, work on a craft, write, dream, or simply mediate. Farm Steward days are also enlivened with singing, dancing, art, and play. 

Wind Dance Farm & Earth Education Center
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